Prem Gali

Down Love Lane

By Muhammad Ali Khan | September 2020

After the success of the family sitcom ‘Aangan’ in 2017, director Qasim Ali Mureed, writer Faiza Iftikhar and producer Humayun Saeed of Six Sigma Plus decided to re-unite for yet another project with the same comic theme and thus ‘Prem Gali’ came into being. The new ARY Digital serial ‘Prem Gali’ is a Pakistani romantic comedy television production about a locality named Prem Gali which is an enclosed neighbourhood where every family is familiar with the other.

The story begins with four men comprising the popular Dada Jee (Qavi Khan) along with his two sons Hatim Chaudhry (Waseem Abbas) and Luqman (Abdullah Farhat) and grandson Hamza (Farhan Saeed) moving into the town as tenants. While Dada Jee is cool, Hatim is very much into astrology and makes his moves based on what his horoscope tells him. Luqman is an introvert and listens to sad songs. Hamza portrays a handsome man who is in demand by all the girls. The family shifts into their new home in a small lively colony ‘Prem Gali’. They are now getting used to how things go about in the neighbourhood and because they are a family of four men, they have already become the new talk of the town, mainly because of Shireen (Saba Hameed) who loves to gossip.

As soon as Hamza steps in the neighbourhood, he is smitten by Joya’s (Sohai Ali Abro) beauty and charm. She also lives in the same locality with her mother Shireen, grandmother Rahat (Shamim Hilali) and aunt Musarrat (Uzma Hasan). Rahat is a TV buff who takes her TV programs very seriously. Shireen is in-charge of the family as she runs a grocery store while Musarrat is a teacher. Joya is still in college, which is shocking, considering the age Sohai is. Joya’s family is not very popular in the neighbourhood as all three women have their share of failed marriages yet are independent and empowered in their own way. Hamza and Joya’s family is in contrast to one another.

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