Pakistan’s Sicilian Mafias

The mental make-up of high level frauds and manipulators in Pakistan
is the same as that of their counterparts in other parts of the world.
No means have been found yet to control them.

By Imran Jan | September 2020

Francis Ford Coppola made a fantastic film based on Mario Puzo’s timeless book The Godfather. It will remain a personal favourite for me, much due to Al Pacino’s unbelievable performance and the impeccable script of the film. The story, as many will agree, sanitizes evil and glamorizes organized crime.

The terms ‘mafia’ originated in the Italian town of Sicily. However, it has transcended globally because of its natural synthesis owing to human greed and the quest for quick and illegal gains. Pakistan is no exception. It has had its fair share of organized crime. And while in many countries such as Colombia, Mexico, and elsewhere, the mafia was in conflict with the ruling government, in Pakistan, however, for the most part, the mafia was in bed with the ruling government. In fact, at times, it was difficult to tell the mafia from the government.

What has been happening ever since Imran Khan has been in government is quite a remarkable phenomenon. There is much to learn from The Godfather in this scenario. We have to understand that in the story, Vito Corleone also starts a new life with a positive energy. He lands in New York after escaping from certain death in his hometown in Italy where his mother is killed in front of his eyes.

He grows up to become a successful businessman and a respectable man in society. He is a man with positive vibes who gets rid of a local bully named Fanucci by killing him because he sees injustice in his actions. But as he grows in power and wealth, he becomes more entangled in crime and feels more insecure, which is obvious from his actions and which is a natural outcome when one has gained a lot.

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