Hard Nut to Swallow

The Muslim population in the subcontinent has become a hard nut for
India to swallow but a more organized offensive is needed to ward
off their nefarious designs.

By Amjad Ali | September 2020

When Pakistan emerged as a sovereign state in 1947, the Indian leadership could hardly digest the new reality as the new country had been carved out of the original Indian subcontinent which was known as British India. Instead of maintaining peaceful neighbourly relations with the newly created Muslim state, the Indians started working for the division of the subcontinent right from the outset. Some of their leaders may have agreed to the two-nation theory but in their hearts of hearts, they never wanted the Muslims of British India to have their own homeland.

Seven decades later, they are still working at undoing Pakistan. The Indian Congress Party did succeed to some extent when, with the collusion of the erstwhile Soviet Union and the other major powers looking the other way, they were facilitated by the Mukti Bahini (also an Indian creation) to break away the eastern wing of Pakistan and form an independent Bangladesh. This happened after the Indians had repeatedly failed to destroy Pakistan altogether. That done, they still continue to destabilise their western neighbour one way or the other. This is because India has never accepted Pakistan’s sovereign existence and has always supported insurgents, whether they were in the former East Pakistan or in today’s Balochistan. India has also ratcheted up attacks along the LoC and Indian media have continued to spew venom to defame Pakistan at every opportunity.

Against this backdrop, Pakistan needs to launch an aggressive diplomatic campaign at the international level in order to expose Indian involvement in anti-Pakistan activities as well as expose its malicious designs of endangering regional peace through a false-flag operation like the Pulwama attack.

The Congress Party’s Maulana Abul Kalam Azad had said at the outset that the state of Pakistan would not survive. After the East Pakistan debacle, Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi had arrogantly proclaimed, “We have taken the revenge of a thousand years.” This shows that the Hindus of India had been seething with anger under Muslim rule for over a thousand years but couldn’t do anything about it because they never had the military wherewithal that the Muslim rulers had. India Gandhi also said, “We have drowned the two-nation theory in the Bay of Bengal”. This was in answer to Pakistan’s founder, Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s contention that the Indian subcontinent mainly comprised two nations – the Hindus and the Muslims. The two-nation theory was the basis on which Pakistan was created and the great migration of populations occurred. However, the Indians have always retained their antipathy towards Pakistan. They have not been happy just by dismembering it and would rather destroy it altogether! The way the BJP government of Narendra Modi is going, this is their ultimate aim.

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