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Warriors in Burkhas

By Syeda Maham Rasheed | September 2020

A The latest web series, ‘Churails’, showcases the depths of how women are treated in our society and are still expected to be their own best version. In short, women should ignore all their wishes and focus on making the household a better place for the family. ‘Churails’ neither shies from the gleaming elitist ambience nor the ugliness that lies beneath. It is remarkably balanced and non-critical about a society that is basically imbalanced and hopelessly judgmental.

Churails is a tale about four women who defy the norms, pulling on multicoloured hijabs to take revenge. The series starts with Sara (Sarwat Gilani) finding out that her politician husband Jameel (Omair Rana) is cheating on her while Batool (Nimra Bucha) rescues Zubaida (Mehar Bano) from her exploitative father. All three women meet at a rather unfortunate turn of events at Jugnu’s (Yasra Rizvi) place where a secret spying agency called Churails comes into being operating behind the facade of a retail boutique called Halal Designs. These women take down abusive men and help women get justice.

Sara, the leader of the Churails, is a lawyer-turned-housewife who ponders about returning to work but is advised by her husband to support him by charming donors to fund his campaigns and raising their three children. Though Sara seems to live a fulfilling life, she is not quite content with the way she is living it and a dinner scene explains it all. While having dinner, her mother-in-law insults her without any reason as her husband sits quietly, watching his mother humiliate her in front of the kids. The scene speaks volumes about the kind of society we live in where people leave no chance to disrespect a woman.

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