Readers’ Thoughts

August 2020

Future of PPP

This is related to the last month’s cover story on Asif Ali Zardari who is currently the co-chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), the party which is one of Pakistan’s oldest political parties. After Benazir Bhutto’s assassination, Asif Ali Zardari has been at the forefront and has taken the burden of leadership on his shoulders. Despite many hardships, the party has maintained a stronghold in its native province of Sindh. Now that his son Bilawal has taken the reins, what future does the party hold? It’s time the PPP came out of the Bhutto mould and started grooming new blood to lead the party in the years to come. Ultimately it is the people of Pakistan who are the final judges and it is in their hands where the future of the party’s leadership lies.

Azeem Wasti,
Islamabad, Pakistan.

Petroleum Industry

This is regarding the Special Editorial Feature on the Pakistan petroleum sector titled ‘Petroleum Industry: Deregulate or Bust?’. The special piece contains views about different regulatory authorities like OGRA and OMCs, GO and Byco. In an exclusive interview of the CEO of the OMCs, Syed Zawar Haider, the rise in petroleum products sales in Pakistan over the last few months are explained. He believes that deregulation could bring in supply chain efficiencies which will then reduce the import procurement cycle and improve the availability of petroleum products in the country.

Maria Andrews,
Doha, Qatar.

PAF Hero

Pakistan has produced great personalities in every field who made us proud over the years. Recently, we lost one such personality, Group Captain (R) Saiful Azam. The PAF hero had the unique distinction and a world record of flying as a fighter pilot for four countries, namely Pakistan, Jordan, Iraq and Bangladesh.

In the 1965 Pakistan-India war, he shot down an Indian fighter jet and was awarded Sitara-i-Jurat for his courage and skills. In the 1967 Arab-Israel war, he shot down an Israeli fighter aircraft. To date, he is the only fighter pilot who has shot down the maximum number of Israeli fighter jets. He was also given the ‘Top Gun’ award by the US Air Force and was included among the 22 ‘Living Eagles’.

M. Asif,
Karachi, Pakistan.

Not a Circus

Recently a federal minister on a TV talk show threatened that if any re-arrangement in government is sought minus his supreme leader, his mouth, hands and brain will not remain in control. The anchor did not believe his ears so he asked the minister to re-confirm what he had said, which he happily did without any hesitation. I wish to remind the minister that we are living in a civilized world and this is not a circus where you can behave illogically just for the sake of making others laugh. If every political worker is allowed to express his anger without restraint, the country will quickly descend into anarchy.

M Shahid Rahim,
Bahawalpur, Pakistan.

Power Outages

The people of Karachi are continuously facing the same problems which the rest of Pakistan faced after the 2008 elections. They have no electricity, water and gas, while mafias have been active in land, transport and food sectors with impunity.

Now K-Electric is trying to dupe the people by conducting excessive power outages and blaming fuel and electricity shortage for the problems. As such, there is no reason for 12 hours of outages in Karachi. Therefore, power outages by KE should be investigated and the company should be duly punished, if found guilty.

Farheen Mujtaba,
Karachi, Pakistan.