The OIC was set up to protect the interests of the world’s
Muslims. This is the the second-largest organization after
the United Nations but it continues to be a toothless body.

August 2020

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation was constituted in 1969 after an arson attack inside Al-Aqsa Mosque which damaged a part of its roof and the 800 years old pulpit of Salahuddin Ayubi – known as the conqueror of Jerusalem. The founding pillar of the OIC was to protect the interests of Muslims across the globe collectively. Initially, there were 24 member countries while now it consists of 57, which are almost all Muslim majority countries. OIC is the second-largest organization after the United Nations, covering nearly over 1.8 billion population in several African, Asian and South American countries. The Arab League, which is a 22-member platform of only Arab countries, is also a part of the OIC. There are five observers at the OIC. It also has a permanent delegation to the European Union and the United Nations. Arabic, English, and French are its official languages. The OIC is dominated by rich Arab countries.

Main Agenda
The purpose of establishment of the OIC was to provide Muslims a platform from where they could raise their voice for the worldwide Muslim community. A peaceful solution of the Palestine issue has been on the foremost agenda of the OIC. Muslims, under the banner of OIC, have been condemning Israeli aggression in Palestine. Significantly, raising their voice against Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir has been another item on the agenda of this organization. The Bosnian and Iraq Wars, the Syrian conflict and Islamophobia in the West have also gained the attention of OIC in recent years. However, the pity is that the OIC, despite having such a strong membership, has so far failed in being a representative voice of the world’s Muslims.

Protecting Muslim World Interests
The OIC has some of the richest countries of the world. Its members are also part of the Arab League, the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). This global reach and resourcefulness has not borne any fruit so far and it looks like the OIC is simply a paper tiger. It has not solved any issue of Muslim world. The Palestinian issue has become worse. In December 2019, the Trump administration issued a plan to solve the Palestinian issue with was the so-called ‘Deal of the Century’. This was unanimously rejected by the OIC. Ironically, some members of the OIC supported the deal and publicly announced to fund it. The confusion still prevails. Trump’s Peace Plan was actually a tool to legalize Israeli occupation of Palestine.

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