August 2020

Female Diversity

When Nigar Johar was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General in the Pakistan Army, she made history because she was the first woman to attain the rank of a 3-star general. She has been appointed as the first female Surgeon General in the Pakistan army. Lieutenant General Nigar Johar is from Panjpeer in Swabi. If Pakistan is one country that champions female diversity, then Lt.Gen. Johar is the best example.

Capturing Hearts

Turkish TV star Esra Bilgic captured the hearts of Pakistani audiences as a Seljuk warrior princess in the serial Ertugrul Ghazi and has even been offered lucrative brand endorsements. The popularity of Ertugrul Ghazi in Pakistan signifies the serious famine the showbiz sector in the country faces because the Turkish serial everyone is going gaga about is already history in Turkey. Pakistani audiences are so starved for good entertainment that they don’t mind glorifying already run Turkish serials as opposed to the tired and worn-out TV they are subjected to in their own country.


Not Going

There was news going around that Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ehsan Mani wanted to leave his job at the PCB and take a more lucrative offer, most probably at the ICC. But Mani says he had shunned an offer to contest election for the International Cricket Council (ICC) chairmanship and has assured the cricket establishment in Pakistan that he is not going anywhere. A qualified chartered accountant, Mani has served as head of the ICC and on several of its committees before.

Curvy Swing

Ladies golf has never been as popular as the men’s version but the American female golfer Paige Spriranac has given it a real zing. She is a skilled woman on the green and her swing is as appealing to the eye as she is herself. Photographers love her both on and off the golf course. She is even reported to have a romantic relationship with a guy called Steven Tinoco, who is a former minor-league baseball. They are already engaged.