The times

Hope Lives On

No matter how long this will take but it is still just an
evening. It will pass but you may never again find time to
do what you always wanted to do.

By Sumera Khalil | August 2020

Difficult times are unforeseen, they say. Do they tell you that it will pass? When it does, make sure to look back at this time as moments that you really lived. Ensure, when you remember year 2020 in times that it was a time when you learnt to dream, to seek light at the end of the tunnel. Hope and despair are two sides of the same coin. The world today is suffering and all hopes are shattered, all solutions blurred and all human faculties lost. To talk of hope and light amid COVID-19 is just as futile as all efforts to tackle the situation.

However, where all else fails, imagination wins. Being in isolation brought to the human world a great piece of literature known as King Lear. We may not be able to produce any such masterpiece now but we can dream. This human tragedy in the form of a pandemic has ensnared humans to a tiny teeny micro-organism but for the first time in this era, humans are actually living. They are coming out of their mechanical cages and are striving with their breathing relations. Who envisaged at the end of 2019 that the world will come to a halt?

The fast-running world was jolted and was forced to stop short in its crease by something that could not be by the human eye. But all is not lost, hope is not lost. Samuel Beckett, as a towering absurdist, artistically represented the despair and absurdity of the human situation in Waiting for Godot. He presented the sickness of our own times and created a black, formless world. However, darkness in the Beckettian world does not eliminate hope. In darkness, we can see a distant point of light and a dim hope. It is this, though dim, yet distant ray of hope that formulates human existence. Godot might be the happiness, eternal life, the unattainable quest of all humanity. So here we are, still living in Beckettian times, calling upon our Godot to come and save us.

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3 thoughts on “Hope Lives On

  • August 4, 2020 at 4:04 pm

    I like this article. It’s full of hope and inspiration. We should always find a positive point from negative surroundings.

  • August 4, 2020 at 4:31 pm

    Well written, ma’am.