TV Series

Curon –The Curse

Dark and Gritty Thriller

By Syeda Maham Rasheed | August 2020

Asupernatural thriller won’t be complete without a curse and the TV series ‘Curon’ is based on one. In the small town of Curon, it is said that if you repress your feelings, a doppelganger will emerge finding every possible way to kill you and take your place. It might sound silly but it’s bone-chilling to watch. The idea of evil doppelgangers has been exploited effectively by a multitude of filmmakers, most notably by Basil Dearden in ‘The Man Who Haunted Himself’, Padmarajan in ‘Aparan’ and, most recently, Jordan Peele in ‘Us’. However, Netflix’s new Italian series ‘Curon’, also about doppelgangers, is a masterpiece in itself.

The location is a real-life place in Curon Venosta, in Italy’s Alto Adige region, where an old town encircled by mountains was flooded by an artificial dam with only a strange bell tower rising above the water to remember it by. A legend was straightaway born. It’s said that in the winters you can hear the bells ringing, despite these being removed in 1950. The series has taken the legend forward, adding that the peeling of the bells is a harbinger of death for he or she who hears them is destined to die. The death is brought about by their body double, emerging from the black lake. The driving force of the story is the sunken bell tower and the surrounding areas that create a sense of foreboding despite their beauty, making them integral to the story world.

‘Curon’ is a dramatic series about a girl Anna (Valeria Bilello) with a terrifying legacy who was forced by her father Thomas (Luca Lionello) to leave Curon after she sees her lookalike killing her mom with her father’s rifle and hears the continuous ringing of the bell tower. Traumatised by the events of the past, she returns home after seventeen years with her fraternal twins Daria (Margherita Morchio) and Mauro (Federico Russo) hoping to restart her life but it seems that her father is not happy. Following the tragic death of his wife, he sent Anna away and now lives like a hermit, shotgun in hand, in an old family hotel from where the tragedies began.

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