New Fashion Aesthetics

The lifestyle circuit has designated Covid-19 a driving force behind the future of fashion.

By Sophiya Qadeer | July 2020

The world is surely transforming at a breakneck speed as Covid-19 malignantly continues to transform the way we greet, function, plan our activities, and - most imperatively — the way we think.

The fashion industry has always been burgeoned by cashing in on the uniqueness that each individual finds enticing. However, amidst the pandemic crisis, as the world leaders put their heads together in formulating strategies to grapple with the situation, the fashion industry has also suffered at a large scale. The industry is undergoing a nudging uncertainty that has put obtuse question marks on the future of fashion weeks and the fashion calendar in general. With uncertain economic times plaguing the industry, the designers are not taking pains to launch new collections; instead what they are interested in is the notion of translating their fashion aesthetics into adding embellishments to Personal Protective Equipment, face masks and full-body suits. This is calling out on the individual designer companies to upgrade and revamp their factories, wherein they develop and improve their tools in tandem with the new changes.

It is due to this, that the people in the fashion circuit are calling this pandemic a driving force behind the future of fashion. According to Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, a well-known French designer, “The key to reinvention is proximity and authenticity. With this pandemic, I see the idea of dystopia becoming more real than ever.” What he insinuates is the notion of Covid19 putting an end to the egotistical arrogance that is attached to the fashion industry. New trends that allow for the idea of taking delight in each humble moment of life, is what seems to be growing as the future fashion.

Upscale malls around the world remain deserted. However, a peek inside the windows of brand stores like Louis Vuitton, shows manikins draped in a new sense of luxury: glamorous masks. Fashion maestros around the world seem to be treating the global pandemic as a challenge, which has not just jolted them out of their comfort cocoons, but also coaxed them into carrying out a deep soul-searching that has resulted predominantly in pragmatic designs and inventions for the future lot. With the economic meltdown and the uncertainty that has hit employees and businessmen worldwide, making high purchases on handbags and designer shoes is no more a priority for the consumer class. This is what has goaded designers to take the interplay of “fashion and function” emphatically.

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