Just Press Reset

This is a time of tough choices that will shape the fate of millions and
define the future of nations. People’s lives must be saved without
destroying their livelihoods. Scarce resources must be reallocated.

By Dr M. Asif | June 2020

COVID-19, has driven the world into unchartered territories. The pandemic is set to have a monumental and far-reaching impact on the human race and the planet.
The World Health Organization formally declared the disease a global pandemic in March when over 4,000 deaths were recorded from more than 120,000 infected cases in 110 countries. The pandemic, triggered from the Chinese city of Wuhan in November last year, has spread at a phenomenal rate. By the first week of May, there were over 3.5 Million infected cases with more than 250,000 deaths worldwide. Research labs at universities and hospitals around the world were working round the clock to develop a vaccine to combat the virus but no success was visible.

The pandemic has ushered in unprecedented developments for the world. Social distancing was declared mandatory even where interaction was unavoidable. The economic and industrial wheel of the world stalled. Academic institutions were closed for routine educational activities. Sports activities, including popular football and cricket leagues, with fan followings of hundreds of millions were ground to a halt. The Tokyo Olympics were postponed until 2021 and may well be cancelled if the pandemic continues. The socio-economic cost of the crisis, from local to global, has been unparalleled. Decades old corporate structures collapsed within days. Crude oil prices dipped into th negative for the first time in history and that spoke volumes about the gravity of the crisis. The consequent economic recession was being described as the worst since World War II.

Covid-19 caused a crisis unique in many ways. There seems just nowhere to escape. Unlike any other crisis or even warlike situations, there is just nowhere one can head to in order to find arefuge from the invisible and hostile enemy.

In the absence of any effective vaccine, estimates about the longevity of the COVID-19 crisis and the true scale of its fallout have been quite murky. As scientific understanding on the make up and dynamics of the virus is evolving, so are the projections about the post-COVID-19 world. While the best case scenarios suggest that a vaccine be available before the year is out, others indicate that this could take much longer. There are also scenarios that hint at the possibility of a vaccine never being available. If that happen, human civilization would have to learn to live with the virus the hard way.

COVID-19 is set to profoundly affect every aspect of human life from individual to societal, and national to international. The scope and intensity of the impacts would greatly depend upon how quickly and effectively vaccination is made available. In this fight, the whole world is in the same boat.

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  • June 6, 2020 at 10:00 pm

    This is an excellent summary of the many aspects of COVID-19 that has been discussed and debated in the media. A great reading!