Blackened Lives

The suicide rate is on the increase in certain parts of Sindh but
the companies operating in the area as well as the government
seems to be oblivious of its responsibilities.

By Muhammad Abbas Khaskheli | June 2020

Suicides have become a common practice in Sindh. In 2019, 99 people committed suicide in district Tharparkar alone. It is still unknown that why these people who commit suicide hate their existence so badly. Most incidents of suicide have been reported in district Tharparkar and its bordering districts where the majority of the population is Hindu or belongs to the scheduled castes. The second day of November was one tear-jerking day in Tharparkar’s history as 11 people committed suicide on that day. Two sisters-in-law, Veero Kolhi and Sodhi Kolhi committed suicide in Islamkot by hanging themselves from a tree while in village Sorey Ji Wandh of Taluka Mithi, a 20 year old married woman, Jeetu Bheel committed suicide by throwing herself in a well. In Kolhi Mohalla of Islamkot Town, 15 year old Marwaan Kolhi blew out her life’s lamp.

On October 13, 22 year old Sajan Bheel son of Chatoon Bheel committed suicide near Chhor in district Umerkot. A 26 year old married woman Rani, wife of Moolchand, committed suicide in Tando Muhammad Khan on October 19 as her husband refused to give her money to buy new cloths for Diwali. Digri city’s resident Chandu Kolhi committed suicide in Samaro Town. 15 year old Soniya Kolhi, daughter of Ramchand Kolhi committed suicide in Kotri’s Bihar Colony as there was no flour in the house for two days. 25 year old Musadiq committed suicide in village Sono Kolhi near Kot Ghulam Muhammad due to unemployment. 22 year old Vikram Meghwar killed himself in Mithi while his cousin Sonia Meghwar aged 14, committed suicide just two days after Vikram’s death. The most recent incident occurred in Umerkot where Kanu Kolhi, along with her husband Vishnu Kolhi, brought an end to their lives leaving behind 6 children.

Sindhi daily Kawish reported two news stories related to suicides in Sindh. In Kandyaro, a married woman Ansheela jumped into a river along with her two innocent children and committed suicide. In a second case, another woman Parrhi Kolhi committed suicide in village Bhandu near Nanagarparkar by hanging herself by the roof.

It is more deplorable that the local people of resource-rich Sindh commit suicides just for a piece of bread.

In most suicide cases, the victims were from the scheduled castes. Why do people in these castes commit suicide? There can be several reasons and the incidents mostly occur in Tharparkar where the suicide rate is very high. One of the main reasons is poverty. Other reasons are unemployment, premature marriages, troubled affairs, sexual exploitation of women, domestic violence, etc.

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The writer is a freelance contributor based in Mithi. He focuses on social and environmental issues and can be reached at abbaskhaskheli110

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