A New World Order

Is there a New World Order in the offing following the global outbreak of Covid-19?

By Dr. Qasim Sodhar | June 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic, which shook China initially, has now shaken the whole world. The virus was first reported in Wuhan city of the Hubei province of China in mid-December 2019. Though the world did not pay attention to it at the initial stage and, according to some sources, even China didn’t do so as well, the virus started later appeared in other countries. Ultimately, coronavirus was declared as a ‘pandemic’ by WHO. The way the Chinese government and the people fought the virus is remarkable. The virus was defeated by China by the middle of March 2020 as there were no new cases in China by then.

What were the factors behind China’s success?

Countries like China, where authoritarian orders can be imposed, can make people understand what they should do. China is an economically strong country and it could afford a lockdown and social distancing. Although COVID-19 has affected China’s economy bitterly, but compared to other countries, China’s economy has not been shattered as much as that of other developing and developed countries. The Chinese government took prompt action by imposing a complete lockdown in Wuhan city and also throughout the Hubei province and public awareness was created all through the country. The role of President Xi Jinping is greatly appreciable as he established an inter-departmental joint prevention and control system and continuously been visited Wuhan and the relevant offices in Beijing to investigate matters.

Once the virus emerged in other parts of the world, new discourses and debates emerged. There different conspiracies theories were circulating around the world. This was a kind of Cold War between two powers,. It seemed the former Soviet Union had been replaced by China. Many world-acclaimed scholars including Henry Kissinger were claiming that the current world order was going to be replaced with a new world order in the post-Covid-19 scenario. Most scholars predicted that the power center would shift from the west to the east, and epicenter would be China. Surprisingly, neither the Chinese government nor anybChinese scholars made any such claims. On the contrary, Chinese scholars denied that China was going to replace the West.

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  • June 2, 2020 at 11:10 am

    Glad to have this best stuff on current world scenario amidst COVID-19. Indeed, it is quite easy to understand. A very systematic analysis. Thanks Dr Qasim sb.