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Deception is a Weak Link

By Muhammad Ali Khan | May 2020

The TV sector in Pakistan has improved a lot. Talented artistes toil day and night to deliver their best on-screen work to entertain audiences.

Recently, the serial ‘Jhooti’ created hype. The trailer showed Iqra Aziz as the victim of domestic abuse. However, what came next was unexpected as she laughed wickedly on how brilliantly she could act and lie about such a thing, revealing that the bruises were nothing but makeup.

Written by Ali Moeen and directed by Syed Ramish Rizvi, ‘Jhooti’ is about a young girl Nimra who is selfish and self-centred and dreams of having a luxurious lifestyle. At various points in the serial we witness Nimra saying things like, “Main paida ghareebon me hogai thi, marungi ghareeb nahi” and “main ek parchoon waley kay ghar paida hogai hu, ek parchoon waley ki gharwali nahi banungi”.

The protagonist Nimra belongs to a middle-class family and has the bad habit of lying in order to get whatever she wants. She deceives with such conviction that she never gets caught. Her father Akbar, played by Tauqeer Nasir, works as a shopkeeper and earns a decent living. He loves Nimra so much that he supports her all the way. However, Nimra disapproves of her father being a shopkeeper. She also looks down upon her family for their undesirable socio-economic background.

The story unfolds when Nasir, played by Ahmed Ali Butt, falls in love with Nimra and sends his marriage proposal. Nimra despises Nasir as she finds him creepy and also because he was also a shopkeeper. However, she ends up marrying him on her family’s pressure but she is sharp and cunning and knows what she wants. Her friend Samina, played by Iman Zaidi, advises her to make quick money through her husband’s property and money. Nimra then starts playing mind games with Nasir and his parents, Shaista Jabeen as Zubaida and Zahid Qureshi as Manzoor, alleging that her husband beats and tortures her on minor issues. All this drama is to get away from Nasir and then claim her alimony. While deceiving everyone, she meets a man named Ali (Yasir Hussain) and falls in love with him. Ali also confesses his love and soon they are planning to get married.

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