India Committing Suicide

Its upper-caste Hindu mindset is driving India towards a destination of suicide, bypassing its rich history and heritage based on a pluralism that had merged people with different ethnic, religious and political backgrounds into a tolerant and forbearing society.

By Samia Shah | May 2020

Andia takes immense pride in claiming to be the world’s largest democracy. For a long time the assertion was not doubted but the second most populous country on earth seems to be descending into a terrible chaos that might tear the social fabric of the country.

The Bharatia Janata Party (BJP), which is considered a brainchild of the Rashtria Swayamsavak Sangh (RSS), champions the cause of Mother India but it seems to be pressuring its mother into treating her children differently. The mother, who believed in the secular values of universal brotherhood, is being forced to revisit her ideology that vehemently opposes discrimination between her loved ones. She is being coerced into abandoning millions of her children that need her love, affection, support and patronage.

The lethal approach adopted by the right wing Hindu nationalist parties seems to be turning the so-called world’s largest democracy into an authoritarian state where the ideals of Nehru and Gandhi are now replaced with the ideology of Mahatma Ghandi’’s assassin. The innocent minds of Indian children are being contaminated with the ideas of obscurantism and bigotry. The text books of the country’s schools are brimming with hate materials. History is being distorted to protect the interest of the ruling elite. The names of cities, towns and places are being changed to give the country a pure Hindu colour. The contribution of non-Hindus to the development of this ancient state is being ignored and erased from the memory of the people.

The story does not end here. The enactment of the CAA and the abolition of constitutional articles giving special status to Jammu and Kashmir indicates that the stalwarts of the BJP also want to make drastic changes to the Constitution of the country and its political system. But such changes will have serious political and social ramifications because India is a diverse country with the people of several religions and nations living here for centuries. The country is now home to many who came from Central Asia, the Middle East and other parts of the world, fascinated by its cultural diversity, abandoning their own homeland and adopting this land as their own and investing their energies into its welfare and betterment. Their contributions to Indian society is a part of Indian history that should not be forgotten at any cost.

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