Change has
arrived in Pakistan
- Idris Kothari

April 2020

Idris Kothari, a leading Pakistani-American entrepreneur from the Silicon Valley, California, addressed the members of Society for Global Moderation (SGM) and other guests at a Talk held at the CMC Offices in Karachi on Thursday, March 12. The subject of the Talk was ‘Pakistan, a Perspective, Irrespective’.

Mr. Kothari was of the view that there were very good times ahead for Pakistan as the country was at a point when all stars were lined up in its favour, it had an honest leader and phenomenal youth which was very energetic and intelligent.

Idris Kothari said that change had arrived in Pakistan and every Pakistan should, in some small way, do something for the country. Since there are 220 million people in the country, it could make a lot of difference. He said if everyone acted for the common good and not in self-interest, the country would change in a big way.

Kothari said he was a firm believer in his own abilities and was confident that he was not alone because he had heard people in America say that one can take a person out of Pakistan but one could not take Pakistan out of the person. He said Pakistanis were very dedicated towards their country; he had found, while working with the Indians, that they were not half as attached to their country.

Idris Kothari has recently participated in digital initiatives of both the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan and has found that there are over a million highly educated and highly motivated people in the Pakistani Diaspora who were willing to help the country.
In answer to a

question, Kothari said that Pakistan should have been exporting much more digital manpower but it was not doing so though it had great potential and this needed to be corrected so that Pakistan could earn more in dollar terms.

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