April 2020

Pet Project

So Shaikh Rasheed, the PTI Railways Minister, has finally got funding for his dream project – the ML-1. This is the mainline rail system that runs from Karachi to Peshawar. Under new funding and expertise from China (since it will be a part of CPEC) it is said the new ML-1 will take 5 years to complete from the day it takes off. For the moment it’s still in the tendering process.

The refurbished ML-1 is supposed to increase train speeds and reduce travelling time. However, it will still not be the bullet train that the Sharif brothers had always drooled about. Sh. Rasheed is also reported to have said in a TV show that the day the project is successfully completed, he will quit politics. Whether he will also get married after that is a moot point.

TV Spat

One night in March, TV writer Khalil ur Rehman Qamar and activist Marvi Sarmad got into a real, foul-language spat on TV. It seemed Qamar’s approach towards women was rather misogynist. It all happened during a talk show on a TV channel in which the discussion dwelt on women’s rights in Pakistani society. Marvi Sarmad insisted on the new female mantra, ‘mera jism, meri marzi’ while Qamar seemed to have crossed all limits of decency in whatever he said in return. It is not clear why the channel did not switch to something else? Ratings, probably!

Chappati Life?

Some people have the misconception that married life and a career in showbiz don’t go together and that these folks are around only until they are single. One such rumour was being circulated about the actress and model Sadia Imam. While Imam considers her husband and her daughter as her first priority, people were quick to judge that she was quitting showbiz and would be making chapattis all her life. The question is, will she?

She said that she hadn’t announced anything about leaving showbiz and all such reports were nothing but rumours. Her husband had never objected to her career choices and she considered him her major support.

She expressed her displeasure over people claiming that her husband asked her to leave showbiz. She said that people have only been making assumptions about her. She went on to reveal that she was preparing for a drama serial and wasn’t planning on retiring soon.

Sadia Imam was married to Adnan Haider in 2012. They moved to Germany after the marriage. The couple had their first child in 2014.

Screen Sizzle

Ahsan Khan is a highly presentable actor but somehow he has not succeeded in creating the kind of screen sizzle that other male actors have. Now he will appear in a web series with Ayeza Khan, Gohar Rasheed, Samiya Mumtaz and Sohail Ahmed. Ahsan has good acting talent and a style of his own. He is also assertive but he still isn’t really BIG on TV and in the cinema. Perhaps the web will do him good. Will that also make him as popular as the other male actors?