Khalid Awan

Wired for Success

Khalid Awan is SouthAsia’s Lifetime Achiever this month

March 2020

Khalid Nawaz Awan, the Chairman of TCS Holdings Limited, has been described as a self-effacing, soft-spoken, courteous, cultivated and self-confident man who is always respectful to others. He is said to be driven by visions of innovation and is striving to ensure excellence. He is an authentic organizational leader who does not need to be loud and domineering to be dynamic and effective.

He initially supported his elder brother, the late Brigadier Sadiq Awan who, after retirement from the Pakistan Army, decided to explore the entirely new sector of private courier services in Pakistan. Under him, Khalid Awan evolved into a pioneer in his own right. Bringing into play the fraternal attributes of courage and a will for adventure, Khalid traversed new frontiers in order to develop as a pace-setting market leader

After assumption of leadership responsibilities at TCS, and after the TCS name became synonymous with courier services in Pakistan, Khalid Awan took on the responsibility to encourage the development of fellow team-members in the company at all levels, from the counter staff at service centres, through the mid-level in various wings to the top rungs of management. His purpose was to make TCS a truly merit-based institution. The Octara part of the group symbolized his keen interest in human resource development and in continually building the capacity of his people.

Khalid Awan participated actively in this historic transition by playing a lead role in this drama of creative disruption. His integrity of values and his core character of honour enabled him to steer the organization forward with strength and stability, both through the testing times of eroding official opposition as well as through the phases in which big and small risks were taken to innovate, to market and to deliver new services.

In the present times, when there is a profusion of courier services, when competition also offers lower prices, when the cost does matter to many customers, TCS has retained the advantage that goes to every first entrant but has also substantially expanded and diversified its services --- be they the company’s own aircraft, or dozens of tempting options to send gifts and greetings --- all the while declining to reduce prices, and yet keeping and building market-share. Khalid Awan is obviously convinced that the customer is always willing to pay the price that guarantees quality, speed, reliability and courtesy.

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