Bad Boys for Life

Elite Team Fights
Vicious Drug Cartel

By Muhammad Ali Khan | March 2020

Set seventeen years later, the film ‘Bad Boys for Life’ is the third instalment in the Bad Boys franchise where Will Smith (Mike Lowrey) and Martin Lawrence (Marcus Burnette) play roles as the violent Miami narcotics detectives who are now more mindful of how much collateral damage they could do. Just like the first ‘Bad Boys’, this film is full of action-filled adventure and involves a cold-blooded assassin and a cunning villainess.

Directed by the Belgian duo Adil El Arbi and Billal Fallah, the film starts with Mike and Marcus, who are old-time buddies, discussing their future plans. While Marcus thinks he should retire from the force as he now has a new grandchild and wants to enjoy his future, sitting in the lounge with his family watching television, Mike doesn’t wish to change and turn in his badge as he wants to ride out his career until the very end.

Mike soon becomes the target of the film’s villain, Isabel Aretas (Kate de Castillo), the wife of the Mexican cartel kingpin Benito who dies serving his term in prison. Isabel is frighteningly cold and escapes prison with the help of her son Armando Aretas (Jacob Scipio). She sends her son to Miami to recover his father’s money and gives him a list of people to kill; they were involved in Benito’s arrest. She tells him to kill the main man Mike at last so he can suffer but Armando goes after Mike first wounding him with a round of bullets; he later posts the video online.

The two detective friends have no choice but to get back together in the game to crack this investigation. However, on Captain Howard’s (Joe Pantoliano) request, Mike teams up with the tech-driven Advanced Miami Metro Operations (AMMO) that brings down high-profile criminals. AMMO is led by Mike’s ex-girlfriend Rita Secada (Paola Nuñez), a striking and tough woman, and her special squad Kelly (Vanessa Hudgens), Dorn (Alexander Ludwig) and Rafe (Charles Melton), who teases Mike, calling him grandpa. Mike soon finds a source and forms an alliance with the new kids and a very reluctant Marcus following to unnerve the truth.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as the Miami detectives are solid in delivering a powerful performance on screen. Both the actors have a great camaraderie going and the genuine affection they have for each other gives the film an emotional touch. While Lawrence brings forth his comedic skills to the fore, the action scenes are left for Smith to handle. Smith plays his role with a harder edge than before but Lawrence delivers the same personality with inclusion of comedy. They play off each other in their scenes together.

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