Farce of Democracy

Democracy in Pakistan is now only a perception and far from reality.

By Jahangeer Kakar | March 2020

There was a lot of naughty media rumpus on how the Services Chiefs’ Extension Bills could be passed with such ease when the Parliament was supposed to be instrumentally an epitome of representing a true democracy, as claimed by the politicians, especially in the opposition benches. Was it purely the art and craft of dark magic or some powerful Harry Porter incantations that had caste their mesmerizing spell to beguile the democrats into a state of hallucination and had pushed them into becoming freaky clowns in practicing such hasty democracy?

Democracy was last seen moving on wheel chairs twice: first, when it was coming out of an accountability court in Sindh and second, when the wheel chair flew to the birth country of democracy. This is what happened to 220 million people moving on a wheel chair democracy!

A consumerist nation exists on perceptions imported by its historical ground realities and blindly subscribes to anything foreign, defying both rhyme and reason. This consumerism shuts down their own intellect and forces upon them the habit of seeking foreign harbingers in the hope of resolving indigenous problems manufactured by intellectual dacoits. The case for democracy as chanted in Pakistan reflects the country’s consumerist nature as a state. What is known as ‘democracy’ is absolutely not what we is practiced and though it postures as being’ democratic.’ Plainly, it is a tale of controlled power politics where certain houses, families and groups of influential clans, have always flouted democracy and have been grinding their own axes in perpetuating their individual, family or clan legacies that have been wholly taken over by brute power and brazen self-interest. They are setting up ideals of aristocracy rather than democracy.

Force and power have been the innate attributes and sine qua non in Pakistan as inherited after the dvision of British India. From the very day of its birth, Pakistan has faced practical extinction threats from its bigger neighbour. The security of the state has always been of paramount priority from the very day Pakistan came into existance. The political junta in Pakistan has always hidden under the apron strings of Pakistan’s security. There were instances of political parties at the left of centre which, even after the birth of Pakistan, opposed its existence and questioned the need for the country’s existence. The element of power was always enshrined in consolidating and defending the state.

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The writer is a civil servant, based in Quetta. He freelances on national issues and can be reached at Jahangeer.Kakar

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